Your Authentic Self...Are You Ready For The Ride That Will Set You Free?

What is it to "be" your authentic self? In theory, being authentic is the degree to which you are true to your own personality, spirit, or character, despite external pressures.

I began the journey to my authentic self after my husband died in 2014. For the first time in my life, I felt utterly lost and disconnected from who I was and all that I placed value on. The things I had accomplished suddenly seemed so very unimportant. Faced with a total collapse of all that I worked for, fought for and thought was important; I began to ask questions...deep, thought provoking questions. What was my purpose? Who was I deep down? Death makes you contemplate such things. In truth, losing everything allowed an ideal place to start my journey back to self. Through soul-searching work and reflection back to my childhood aspirations, I reconnected to the core of who I was…back to the “girl self” I had abandoned long ago.

I wondered how many others before me had come to this place. How many walked right to the edge of the jumping off place; stood in awe of all the possibilities and made the plunge? Free flying on the air currents in a spiral of possibilities, like a leaf catching the wind and riding it gently to its intended place in the world. During my resurgence, I met many amazing, talented people who were living very nontraditional lifestyles. They seemed to have an inner peace and trust that I craved; it was as if they somehow had a sight for life that eluded most others. So, I set out to interview them, to discover the common denominators that would reveal the secret recipe.

Stay tuned for these inspiring interviews in the weeks to come. I hope the results will encourage you to make changes that have been gently nagging at your heart...changes that point you to the path of true happiness. Life is too short to live otherwise. 

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