Discovering Your True North and The Beautiful People Who Help You Along the Way ~

What a journey life is! The peaks and valleys, ups and downs, loss and good fortune we all experience along the way. It was during a particular time of seeking and regeneration that I met Shawnee Moore Kircher.

Shawnee is the owner of an amazing, eclectic, antique shop called 'Alchemy and Ashes - A Vintage Emporium' in Lutz, Florida (a small town just outside of Tampa). Shawnee describes herself as a "Soap Alchemist, Conjurer, Creator, Purveyor, and Curator of the Mystical and the Mundane". She is indeed all of these things and MORE!!

I had been working on my own artist pursuits; on the way to discovering my true north when I happened into Alchemy and Ashes. I was spellbound (no pun intended) by the treasures so beautifully displayed. Unique gifts and antiques elegantly decorated the rooms of her shop. Soft whisperings of myth and magic spoke to my soul… I was transfixed! This was truly the place to be.

I soon discovered that Shawnee was also a historian whose passion was evident in the items she chose for purchase. There seemed to be a story behind every piece that was so lovingly exhibited. I was 'visiting' with Shawnee one afternoon and mentioned the things I was making. One thing led to another and soon, I was displaying my creations in her shop as a selected vendor of all things woodsy and wild, feathery and furry.

Shawnee's success is evident and enhanced by her avid appreciation and support for local artist and craftspeople. She is a sage mentor and treasure to all who meet her.

Please make your way to Alchemy and Ashes, to experience the richness of this shop for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed.


Alchemy & Ashes - A Vintage Emporium



Phone: 813-530-6957 (OWLS)

Address: 1900 Land O Lakes Blvd Suite 117, Lutz, FL




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