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The Designer ~ Tina Mazzara


'Out of darkness comes the light'. I understand this all too well, after caring for both my husband and father as the struggled through terminal illnesses. I lost them both within a year and three months of each other. My whole world had changed and all that I once believed was important, no longer held meaning.

For the first time in my life, I started asking the really tough questions. Who was I exactly? Who was 'the me' that was buried under all the years of being who everyone else needed me to be? Who did I want to become? What did I want to do with the rest of my life? Literally, hundreds of questions surfaced as I began the road to uncovering my lost self. So in a very important way, my husband and father's death drove me to find purpose. I consider it the greatest gift they could have left for me. 

Mother Earth in her healing magic, comforted and inspired me as I walked through my grief. I sought pleasure in all things woodsy and wild; of land, sea, and sky. My creative pursuits became the healing salve and the impetus for Love and Light Gifts.


"Spiritual, Magickal & Mystical Products inspired by nature's extraordinary beauty. Found in the woodsy & wild; abandoned discarded or that which has departed."

My designs are inspired by nature's extraordinary beauty; earthy and fresh, restored yet aged, complex yet simple. Every piece is fashioned from found treasures collected along the island shores and forests I frequent. It is in these revered retreats, that I am renewed and my creative vision begins.

Each item is unique; speaking their own artistic expression as if by mystical enchantment. Crystals, bone work, feathers and more, are styled while I’m deep in the creative flow, working as one, in spirit with the elements. Upon completion, a final blessing is bestowed prior to leaving my workshop; flowing with gratitude to the receiver, a beacon of LIGHT full of LOVE.